Prototype and small scale production

Based upon your sketch, a drawing, a photo, or a sample, along with your comments about specifications, materials, colours etc, we can quickly provide you with a rough quotation.

Before final approval
  • If you like what we offer, we can start the process of making the moulding tools.
  • Upon our delivery of a very small quantity of 'First Items' for your approval, we are ready for the actual production start, if you should not ask us to make some very last modifications.
  • From these samples, you will be able to verify if all measurements and tolerances are indeed within the specifications that we agreed earlier in the process.
  • The ‘first samples’ allow you to verify how the new cables or parts interface with your application.

As from this point we are ready to start a full blown injection moulding process, but the choice of moulding machine largely depends on your order quantity, the delivery time and your budget.