Manufactoring process

The flexibility in our manufacturing, allows us to produce in small, medium and large quantities, from a broad product-mix, with short production cycles, at very competitive prices – and always under strict observance of the highest quality and control standards in our manufacturing as well as our customer service.

During our production preparations we use both manual and automated equipment in order to prepare for the best uniform materials that will be used during the actual injection moulding process.

Most connectors require a first production of an inner mould, where all connector parts are accurately held in correct position.

The final mould will have all the required features and functions and at the same time fully enclose the inner mould.

  • Cutting, stripping, soldering
  • Potting
  • If required, we can add a lotcode insert into the final mould, for accurate identification during years to come. This lotcode insert will subsequently be replaced/updated, for every future new production and supply.

Depending on your actual requirements we will always assess what manufacturing scale will be most appropriate (= most economical) This allows us to be highly competitive and at the same time gives you the opportunity to order the most realistic quantity, rather than a much to large volume which may end up, just ‘sitting‘ in your warehouse.