Development and Design

The Techlines' portfolio of connectors, cables and moulded parts is extensive

Choice of injection moulding materials

  • Most popular are PVC (also Medical grade and HF weldable PVC).
  • PBT (also glassfiber reinforced) and ABS.
  • But we also use Santoprene, Silicone and many other compounds.

It all depends on your requirements, specifications and budget.

and for all of the above: stable and high quality, direct communication and competitive prices.
Desired features:
  • Smooth surface or textured for better grip.
  • Special focus on pull-strength, repetitive bending, flame retardant.
  • Biocompatible for items with long term sensitive skin contact.
Extra features:
  • Logo or text moulded or printed on each item.
  • Manufacturing lotcode for historic traceability.
  • Waterproof, UV-stabilised.
We can make use of most common design tools